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Thanks for all the lovely comments! Much appreciated! :)

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Posted by lindamorgan on June 21, 2011

wonderful work!


Posted by valerierosen on June 12, 2011

Yay!!! Yhun! So great to see you here! Love your work! :-)) val


Posted by rodeorose on June 12, 2011

Hey! I was hoping you had been posting?? Oh well...I'll keep coming back my friend...hope your weekend's been grand - thanks for the visit xxx

Posted by yhunsuarez on June 12, 2011

i have been posting...only 3 at the moment though.. still trying to learn my way around. hope you're having a great weekend too.

Posted by rodeorose on June 12, 2011

YEY!! I will be back soon as I get a break!!


Posted by rodeorose on June 08, 2011

Hey !!! You wouldn't believe the smile on my face this moment- soooooo wonderful to see you Yhun!! A BIG WARM WELCOME TO BLUECANVAS! I'll post a couple of links below for you hun- and look forward to you settling in... knowing you, you don't need any help though...knowing me, you can't stop me posting!

Posted by rodeorose on June 08, 2011

For all the RB mob, try the XRB Group:...... http://groups.bluecanvas.com/XRB

For useful tips on navigating this site:........ http://groups.bluecanvas.com/XRB/forum/post/1269

BLUE Group : I'll send you an invite in a minnie :)))

And look out for the BLUE FRIDAY LOUNGE in the Forums at BLUE Group- heaps of fun every Friday( check your time zones for opening hours)

Posted by rodeorose on June 08, 2011

Can't invite you to BLUE until we are "peers"... here is the group url ... http://groups.bluecanvas.com/BLUE

Posted by yhunsuarez on June 11, 2011

thanks Rosie ...cheers for the warm welcome! you are so kind ;)