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This is the story of a good little girl named Bernadette. She lived in a small town named Lourdes, which is in the Pyrenees Mountains in France. The day Bernadette’s life was to change forever, started out like most others for Bernadette; She was cold. Bernadette’s family was very poor. They didn’t have enough money for firewood to warm the small room they called home. Their house had the nickname of “Cachot,” which means dungeon, because the hovel had once been used as a priso...

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Marina was born on the night of a surging storm. The clouds hid the moon, but the sky was lit intermittently by blue crackling lightning. I was neither cold nor warm. The whole of the sky was filled with dark, thundering clouds, rolling in the wind. These things didn’t frighten the newborn Marina; she was a raindrop. The whole world was rain. For a time, the wind blew Marina in the clouds where she was born. In the diffused electric light of the lightning behind the clouds, she could see t...

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