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"it was a cult of personality, and that, my friends, is dangerous."

(mario k)art.

i noticed today that if you do drugs, or drink booze, or steal things, or break something important, or forget about a really important assignment because you were out fighting for your right to party... you lose a lot of yourself. people expect you to do that shit. but it's the norm. i noticed today that sinning, somehow, has become normal. and if you DON'T sin, you lose your identity, your status, i suppose. shouldn't it be the other way around? i noticed that. be differen...

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hey, if you're reading this, i applaud you. *clap clap* i never read anyone's blogs, but maybe i should make some? who even blogs on here? if you're reading this and you make blogs, reply. so anyways, i really really want a stable art career bad. i'm too young, but people are constantly praising me for my talents. i feel like it's trivial, because i never gain anything from such praise. i want someone to praise me, and i can say, thank you, i make a living off of it too. but i dont ...

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First is the Worst.

this is my first blog i guess. i need to find friends because i like happy. if you have a balloon give it to me. my name is nate. i hope you enjoy my art, but if you don't that's respectable. gah im hungry kay bye.

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