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Currently working on Astrology inspired paintings.

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Posted by mmmstyle on January 04, 2013

great new stuff ;))))

Posted by shaesveniker on January 04, 2013

thanks buddy!


Posted by barnyardindustrial on October 07, 2012

... well this is surreal, I don't think I've ever met another S-H-A-E. Congratulations to you, and wonderful gallery!

Posted by shaesveniker on October 07, 2012

well thankee, and now you know you're not alone, haha


Posted by animaecuore on August 17, 2011

Thank you for all the comments and stars =)

Posted by shaesveniker on August 17, 2011

of course!


Posted by guada4 on August 16, 2011

Very nice. I have a hard time trying to capture this feeling in my paintings at times.

Posted by shaesveniker on August 17, 2011

me TOO!


Posted by membrane on April 04, 2011

we should get together sometime and paint

Posted by shaesveniker on April 05, 2011

sure! where is you is?

Posted by membrane on April 18, 2011

lol sorry i didnt know you responded. yeah Im from simi. My boyfriend and I usually paint at his house and he does some street art as well as painting. im more into the abstract painting or live art but we love inviting locals over to paint and chat.


Posted by woefoep on January 07, 2011

Thanks 4 the star...