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Posted by dme123 on July 20, 2012

Truly enjoy your work!

Posted by muirart on August 17, 2012

Thanks very much most appreciated so sorry for the late reply :)

Posted by dme123 on August 17, 2012

No such thing as a late reply! Great stuff. d


Posted by mattyrogers on June 12, 2012

Hello I have uploaded a forum in the group thetalented and it is for artists to promote their work and have a bit of a chat with fellow artists! Please come a long promote your work and enjoy! Thanks!

Posted by muirart on July 18, 2012

Thanks very much Matty sorry for the late reply thank you :)


Posted by sharonmau on January 26, 2012

. Aloha Martin . . it is fabulous to see you here on bc . I have really missed your beautiful work . . and it is lovely to see you in the group . welcome to :: Dimensions ::

Posted by muirart on January 26, 2012

Many thanks Sharon hope your well, hope to get more work up in the comming weeks thanks very much best wishes :)


Posted by rodeorose on May 23, 2011

I have just started a new group and would be delighted if you would consider joining please? It is called BLUE, and intends to explore in all media the range and meaning of the color BLUE.


Cheers, Rosie :))


Posted by rodeorose on May 20, 2011

YEY!!! xxx

Posted by muirart on May 20, 2011

help lol,going have to change my explorer so slow will get back to you rosie :)have a good weekend


Posted by desireeglanville on May 20, 2011

Dear Martin!! EVER so happy to find YOU and your great ART here!! WELCOME!! Did you find the XRB group allready???? XXX!

Posted by muirart on May 20, 2011

hi daisy going very slow here need to change my explorer and get used to everything

Posted by desireeglanville on May 20, 2011

the site is slow for me too Martin, its because we are in Europe, They say they are working on some big improvement which will be implemented in 4 to 6 weeks but besides that there's something installed that adjusts itselfto your perfomrance so by using the site it should allready speed up! NOT that I understand such messages but I am just passing them on and i trust thigs to be ok! Just have patience!! ENJOY! XXX!