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New domain! www.klykovaphotography.com. Still selling prints :)

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Posted by lindamorgan on May 01, 2011

wonderful work!


Posted by ivanjancok on October 28, 2010

Hi Ksenia I looked at the entire collection of t
Your beautiful and interesting photos and I must say that the high level and got me the nomination, "the right to deserve it," you have my sympathy and admiration, "Thank you, Ivan.


Posted by fabiolasaldivar on September 30, 2010

Thank you for your kind words (sorry it took me a while lol)!
comments like your are what keeps me going and working harder each time, I hope you did pick up the pastels ,i find it such a beautiful medium... again thank you, i went through your gallery! awesome pictures, i've always been kind of interested in photography i wanna give it a try in a near future..

keep in touch!


Posted by stjepko17 on September 07, 2010

Lovely work


Posted by kenkeirns on September 06, 2010

Beautiful work! I love the colors and feel.

Posted by ksenia on September 07, 2010

thanks :)


Posted by zdepe on August 22, 2010

good ...love the colors and concept ..regards

Posted by ksenia on August 22, 2010

thanks :) I really enjoy coneptual photography: I think it's more interesting when there is an idea behind.