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Manage Artwork

Manage Artwork allows you to manage, modify and edit all of your uploaded images and favorites. Choose which folder you would like to manage, and you will be able to upload new images to either your My Artwork folder or Other Folder, edit, arrange, and delete images. You can also remove images from your favorites.

Edit Peers

Edit Peers will show you any peer requests you have, remove peers from your peer list or send messages to your peers. You can sort your peers by most recent or alphabetically.

Profile Settings

Here you can edit basic information about yourself. Update your name, genre, location, favorite things, biography and add a link to your website. Your settings will allow you to hide from the community, stop receiving emails and hide your birthdate if you so choose. You can also edit the Classifieds and Events filter here for display on your My Canvas page.

My Blogs

You can view, edit, and delete current blogs, as well as write a new one. You will also see the display for how many views your blog has and if any blogs have new comments.

My Classifieds

Edit classifieds will allow you to edit your current classified postings or create a new one. You can also filter the classifieds displayed on your My Canvas page to show the most recently added, filter by keyword, or hide them altogether.

My Events

Edit events will allow you to edit your current event postings or create a new one. You can also filter the events displayed on your My Canvas page to show the most recently added, most recently added in your state, filter by keyword, or hide them altogether.


Sent messages go to your mailbox. You can reply to messages sent to you.

What is the difference between My Artwork, Other, and Favorites?

There are currently 3 default folders available.

What are the requirements for uploading artwork? File type, File size, Pixel size?

As of now, our system accepts .jpg, .jpeg, and .png formats. We encourage our users to upload the highest quality artwork available but have a 60 MB limit on each file size.

How can I set my profile picture?

Select "Manage Artwork" in the drop down. Navigate to the folder that contains the image that you want to set as your profile picture. Locate the image that you want to set as your profile picture and click the link titled "[make profile pic]." Using your mouse, you can create a selection around the area of the image to set as your profile picture. You will see an image preview of what your profile picture will look like on the right hand side of the page. Be sure to click 'Save' to set the selected area as your profile picture.

How can I arrange my artwork?

You have a chance to arrange your artwork to put your favorites on top, or any order you choose. Just visit the Manage Artwork tab, and select "Arrange" You will be able to drag and drop the items in whatever order you choose. Just click "Save" and your order will be saved and ready for display.

Are there requirements for membership? Is it really free?

The only requirement is that you must be 18 years of age. We understand that age doesn't make an artist, but there are various forms of artwork that may be considered mature. So, like movies and video games, we must have some restrictions to protect ourselves and our users. And yes, bluecanvas.com is 100% free. Please tell your friends.

Can I sell my artwork? How do I sell artwork?

Once you've uploaded your artwork, you will choose a cropped thumbnail, and give it a title and description. You will then see a checkbox asking "For Sale?" if you choose to sell your work, just click "Yes" - you will then be prompted to fill in necessary information like, price, medium, and size. If you would like to sell your work, any transaction would be handled privately between you and a buyer. bluecanvas.com does not get involved between the buyer and seller. We are just a marketplace for you to show your work, and people to see it.

What are stars for?

You can give a star to any piece of art that you feel deserves one. A star is like showing your appreciation for somebody's artwork. You can view how many stars a particular piece of art has on it's artwork detail page. You can see how many stars an artist has in total on their profile page. You can also see the artwork with the most stars by clicking on the "highest rated" tab in the gallery.

How do I change my blurb?

You can change your "blurb" by clicking the "change blurb" link under your username on your My Canvas page. You can type in your blurb and your peers will see it on their own My Canvas page. This will keep your peers updated on your feelings, mood, or daily activities.

You can also alter your display name this way. Just click on your display name and change it. Your display name appears next to your profile image on your profile page and my canvas page.

What are Blue Notes for?

Blue Notes are notifications of daily activities made by your peers. When someone uploads new artwork, makes comments, adds art to their collection. This will keep you notified of what your peers are doing on bluecanvas.com, and help you find some amazing artwork that you may not have noticed.

What are Blue Updates for?

Blue Updates are announcements from bluecanvas.com staff. Anytime we have something that we need to inform you of, we will post an announcement on the Blue Updates board. If there are no current announcements, you won't see anything from us, we'll stay out of your way so you can enjoy bluecanvas.com and the talented artists who've posted amazing works. Occasionally, we will also post "Quick Tips" for useful tips on how to maximize your bluecanvas experience.

Comments? What are they? Can I remove them?

You can leave comments on your peer's message board, or you can leave comments on any artists' artwork. You can remove comments from your own message board or artwork by just viewing that particular area. View the artwork detail page and you will see an "X" icon to remove comments, or view your profile page to remove message board comments.

Is there a Full Screen view option for my carousel?

Yes. There is a full screen viewer for all profile carousels. At the top right of the image viewer in the carousel, you will notice a box with an arrow extending out of it. If you click this icon, you will be taken to the full screen mode. From here, you can browse through the Artwork, Collection and Personal folders as you would in the normal carousel. To exit this option, simply press the escape button on your computer's keyboard.

Contact The Curator for any questions.