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Posted by kristieartist on August 21, 2011



Posted by glendoncook on May 27, 2011

Awesome style!


Posted by scott on December 21, 2010

Super rad stuff man. Great gallery


Posted by amuk on September 12, 2010

sick nasty stuff...


Posted by coallus on September 08, 2010

all my favorites by you! just missing #1, the one i own... "whats on the inside". it needs to be seen.


Posted by jahha_art on September 08, 2010

Hey I like your site I see you and I have similar taste in art as well as in cartoon style... cool robot, I have been working on a art book for a robot concept I came up with... I am very interested in the type of art you want to promote...

Posted by chrisrwk on September 08, 2010

thanks man. what did you have in mind?

Posted by jahha_art on September 10, 2010

connecting with like minded artist... I want to submit some of pieces to your site if that is cool... I know of one or two ppl on there already... love the art work... very interested in street style art as a strong movement I think it identifies with the youth of now... I am continouly inspired by all art forms but street art represents my free spirit the most...

Posted by chrisrwk on September 11, 2010

very cool. just send me an email and we can talk about setting you up with a gallery.


Posted by jahha_art on September 08, 2010

superb work... welcome to Blue Canvas...