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"it was a cult of personality, and that, my friends, is dangerous."


hey, if you're reading this, i applaud you. *clap clap*
i never read anyone's blogs, but maybe i should make some?
who even blogs on here?

if you're reading this and you make blogs, reply.

so anyways, i really really want a stable art career bad.
i'm too young, but people are constantly praising me for my talents. i feel like it's trivial, because i never gain anything from such praise.
i want someone to praise me, and i can say, thank you, i make a living off of it too.
but i dont know,
i'm too young for that.
my art makes me happy, but it's just for fun.
it's hard to see a point in it, except for getting better until i can actually use this art to make a living off it.
it's hard to motivate myself to make fresh art, when i feel like i'm only pleasing myself.

i know i'm too young.
but there's gotta be something i can do with my talents.

if you're reading this and you feel the same way, reply.
if you're reading this, and you can relate in any way, reply.

i need guidance, because i love art, but i feel like it's wasted on people who couldn't care less but feel like they have to like it or something.

if you wanna talk, reply.
because it's not like im doing anything anyways.



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Posted by andrewmay on December 09, 2009

good write up


Posted by ayenforphantoms on December 08, 2009

Are you planning to major in art? Some (most?) art schools focus on getting their students ready to sell their talents. Mine did, and it makes plenty of sense. But what I realized while I was in art school was that I didn't have to make a living off of my art. At all.

To begin with, I was too young to be making art for anyone other than myself; it spoke to me, and for me, but I'm not so sure what I was making then could have had anything like mass appeal. When I graduated, I got jobs, earned a regular salary, and continued making what I made when I had the time. That was 15 years ago.

In another ten or twenty years, provided humanity still exists, I may have lived long enough (and saved enough money -- boring but probably necessary) to be able to (only) make art that speaks to and for others. That's what I think. You have loads of time to consider your options about what to do or not with your talents, I reckon.

Posted by violentenviroment on December 08, 2009

well, i really want to become an art teacher, at high school or secondary levels. I don't know if that's exactly the right career path for me, but it seems right, as i love communication and i love art. That position forces me to "live" off art, so to speak, even if i would probably be majoring in teaching, and minoring in fine art. i definitely know i have room to get better, or even change my mind. But i do agree with you, no matter what, even if my art speaks to kids i'm teaching, i'll still be making art for myself. Thank you for your opinion.


Posted by jeremyrobinson on December 05, 2009

I am not as young as you but people do the same thing to me. I can not live off of compliments alone but it seems that I do. I have no place to live and I have not for years because I choose to dedicate my time to art. I will continue to dedicate my time to art and I hope you do too. To make great art one has to make sacrifices. It takes time to make art but it will always be worth it.