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I once had a dream about God. In it, he was looking down upon the planet and the havoc we wreaked and said "Damn kids, get off my lawn!"

savage son...(mohawked warrior 2)

5-8-10 @9:22am

i sort of miss the hole in my heart
that was filled with unimaginable rage
granted, it tore up my life quite a bit
and kept me feeling i was in a cage
but when i NEEDED it; it was there for me
i had only to pluck it’s dark strings
and it would happily lend itself to whatever cause
made me spread it’s deadly wings
it kept me safe for a great many years
for my Ora would belie
that if i woke this hateful rage
someone would likely die

thanks to a healer, the rage is gone
the hole now filled with true love
and for this amazing gift of light
i thank all that is above
but i have need for my rage once more
there’s things i must get done
and i can’t be driven by by true love alone
if my battle is to be won

i tried to unlock the memories of hate
that used to spark my madness
alas, it seems i’ve lost the key
as my thoughts are devoid of sadness
but deep inside my mind somewhere
if i keep chipping away, for sure;
i’ll find the black that is the box
where my rage is held secure
and when i snap those hateful strings
and release this savage son
the evil that blocks the lighted path
shall finally be undone…


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Posted by anthonyjgibson on July 08, 2011

Love it! Very moving!! Congrats!


Posted by carolknudsen on July 08, 2011

Congrats on your feature...Well deserved :)


Posted by rodeorose on July 08, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS YOUR EXCELLENT WORK HAS BEEN FEATURED AT THE BLUE FRIDAY LOUNGE! My Guest Feature Co-Host this week has been Lianne Schneider. You are invited to post your comments and your Featured Work at the link below, and join us in some fun at weeks’ end among friends at BLUE Group!


Posted by lisameryl on July 03, 2011

MohawkMan, once again....powerfully written and expressed....full of much emotion, especially the rage...contrasts between man and the world around him...great psychological study of human behavior and the system!

Posted by lisameryl on July 03, 2011

P.S. If you're interested in posting your writings, poetry and prose as "Written Art". Find an image you like to compliment your writing and add it into a folder like you would with any photograph. Once the image is uploaded, then post under the proper boxes: The title of your write. Post your poetry/prose/writing in the description box. Add the tags in the tag box...etc...etc...you pretty much get it. This allows anyone to look at your work as "Written Art", give you a star and add onto their favorites folder.

Posted by mohawkman on July 03, 2011

thank you lisa; for the wonderful comment, and the great advice. i'll get busy on it during the week as my honey has sun, mon, and tue. off; so i try to spend every moment i can with her to make up for all those lost years.


Posted by rodeorose on July 02, 2011

So amazingly expressed. I wish I could add a star or a heart to this Writing...there is a "missing" expressed here, that makes me see the glint in the eye of a great stallion now tamed . If forums and interaction over Writing are your thing, you are more than welcome to post this to our BLUE Xpress Writers' Forum...I will post the link for you below.

Posted by rodeorose on July 02, 2011


Posted by mohawkman on July 02, 2011

thanx much rr; i'll head over there now


Posted by swanthief on July 02, 2011

Wonderfully expressive write. Love enables us to conquer our demons be they what they may...a reason the key is lost. A lovely honest write full of emotion.