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My name is Hush. This is not my birth name given to me, but a name I have given myself. I'm a fine artist and graphic designer now based in the Seattle area. I have been trained in, and work in many mediums and styles. I believe that we are constantly changing and learning, so I try not to stick to one thing. I live in the moment, and therefore do not fully plan my artwork, but I go with the flow, trust myself and just enjoy what happens! I work and create in the NOW. Each stroke is meaningful, and each piece was created with the vitality and joy that we all have within us!

As an artist, I believe we are in the middle of a world wide "shift" if you will. This is a change in consciousness for us as human beings, a change for the better for our world and this reality. Our species has become lost, we have destroyed the earth, each other and we are fearful...But there IS hope.

My mission is to help others become aware of our purpose, and of our rightful, inherent power: we create our own reality. There IS no race, we are all one. There IS no lack, only abundance. There IS no hopelessness, for we can do anything with our lives. These negative situations are only belief systems that we can shed for the better. Our power is in the NOW, and we will learn together.

Life must be enjoyed to the fullest, as we are meant to have joyful and creative experiences while we are here! As I produce my work, I hope to learn with you, and also to help you. This is our world, and we create what we experience. My friends, let us create a new world.

Welcome to the shift.



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