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Posted by nicolelucas on December 10, 2014

love these!!


Posted by dchilders17 on March 21, 2012

I love painting decks. You did an outstanding job with these


Posted by downtime77 on January 12, 2012

Awesome work


Posted by aashton on December 21, 2011

Creative... looks like surf boards!


Posted by bigjakesnyder on December 02, 2011

this is unbelievable


Posted by rubenu on November 08, 2011

this one... this one... wasn't easy. lots of vanishing points (which, was not the issue... the decks are convex, so keeping the "visual angle" was... not easy. Thanks a mill.


Posted by knexthedotz on November 05, 2011

I really dig this one.


Posted by rogerseward on October 04, 2011

great arrangement of space! and a perfect surface for a cityscape nice work!


Posted by gabe_wells on August 17, 2011

Nice work man, I've seen your progress through blue canvas and it is really coming together for you. I love this one.


Posted by lanceturner on April 10, 2011

Nice! They look like they have a lot of paint on them.


Posted by forresterian on February 09, 2011

Great work!


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