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Mutum est pictura poema/A picture is a silent poem

Little Red Riding Hood


Posted by kristieartist on July 04, 2011

love the flowers

Posted by judithclay on July 04, 2011

Thanks! Poppies are one of my favorite flowers!


Posted by karibhaley on June 10, 2011

I always love your whimsical designs...this is no exception.. the composition makes me feel happy!

Posted by judithclay on June 10, 2011

What a wonderful compliment, Kari! What more could I ask for? If the picture makes you feel happy, that's the best thing ever. Thanks so much for the comment :-)


Posted by catjoy on June 09, 2011

oh soooo sweet!

Posted by judithclay on June 09, 2011

Thanks so much, Cathie!


Posted by frederiqueroy70 on June 09, 2011

I love the colors and the flowers and superb!

Posted by judithclay on June 09, 2011

Thanks, Frederique. I love poppies and playing with my pastels, and just layer one on top of the other which results in a different shade each time. I have tons of notes in my sketch books, showing which number pastel sticks I used for which shade. Really happy that you appreciate my colors!


Posted by judyjones on June 09, 2011

beautiful work, I love the colours ;-))

Posted by judithclay on June 09, 2011

Thank you! Layering colors to get new shades is always a lot of fun to me!