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well..today I took a new challenge..call me crazy,but I got a different definition and is part of my rebel spirit..I start learn japanese !!

Cayo Graco..(please,press the 'magic' enlarge button)


Posted by karenvm on February 21, 2012

WOW! added to my collection!

Posted by fortinero on February 21, 2012

Ilove this one,and I still have it,Thank you for take it Karen -_-


Posted by forss on January 31, 2012

he was teacher in Life? of Life? a thinker outside the norm...held high...this is great, your paintings are such wonderful storys.

Posted by fortinero on February 01, 2012

well,like in all opress goverment ,where the land of democracy was making the first steep,a wealthy guy with a 'different' ideas,social reform,make the wrong muve agains the people in charge and endedup....dead...nice try...but no cigar -_- same old,same old.

Posted by forss on February 01, 2012

harsh...but repeated many times in history...and there are many many artist renderings to prove this...we never learn by we I mean the whole Planet...


Posted by arcanumart on November 30, 2011


Posted by fortinero on November 30, 2011

thank you much,is really appreciate your entusiasm Umberto,only means that you like it..and that to me is priceless -_-