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Posted by fortinero on August 15, 2011

Well....I'm very impress....THAT is a background-profile..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by andreimudrea on August 18, 2011

From an Artist like you I'm very honored, thank you Sir! ^^

Posted by fortinero on August 18, 2011

I'm an artist by accitent,My trade was construction,and I was a heavy drinker and dope yonkie,shooting,spedball,crack,flake....you name it,and one day thanksgiving 2009,they rush me to a ER on coma,heart attack,cirrocis,hemmoglobine 4,6

Posted by fortinero on August 18, 2011

so to make it short,they save my life,but stiil pretty much a mess,as been 3 year sober,but the first was neverending-nightmare,I was depress,suicidal 24/7,for about year and a half looking for the easy way out on January 2010 my friend Marhak..( you can find him here.) give me a hand full of pencil a litle brush a pallette and a few canvas,and the 24 make my first work,I got ove 1100 pieces,two art sites,and I NEVER PICK A PENCIL O BRUSH IN MY ENTIRE LIFE...what I got is terminal,because I need a new liver and Aorta Valve,need to be replace,but they (my surgeon and cardiologist) don't want to do it now,they said I won't resist,thats the reason I can stop creatin...anything....that is way I told you I'm not an artist....I'm a social fenomenom....good luck kid...-_-

Posted by danielanikolaeva on September 06, 2011

Andrei, I am just curious What Art Museum in Plovdiv, Bulgaria do you have your painting in? Could you send me the address, please? I want to find this place, because I do not know of such museum, even though, I am from there. I'd love to look it up. Dani

Posted by andreimudrea on September 09, 2011

Hello Dani, Information about The Art Museum, Plovdiv, Bulgaria can be found in this site http://www.museumsbg.com/search/PlovdivCityAG-e.html Hope to see you there!

Posted by danielanikolaeva on September 10, 2011

Hi Andrei, my question was do you have an artwork in this museum?