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Bluecanvas is dedicated to the creative endeavors of everyone in our community in everyway we are privileged to serve.

Our website has been growing at a promising pace and we've made successful upgrades/changes to accommodate the needs of our members and our visitors. It's been an inspiring journey for us in creating a technologically up-to-date website to support and create an environment for such a timeless industry. We plan to never cease updating and implementing new and more useful functionalities to improve the quality of our site.

We are staffed with great and enthusiastic minds of all backgrounds and experiences, completing a fully functional and diverse team.

Not just through our Website, but also with our Magazine, we hope to provide better support for our members and for this vibrant industry, and create more awareness for the wonderful world of art to those who might not have otherwise noticed.

We hope everyone will be able to find inspiration that reaches across genres, and believe that Bluecanvas can provide the right tools for our users to inspire everyone… artists and non-artists alike…

Cheers to you!!! Always create… and remember to befriend your local artists…